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A Cancer Diagnosis Makes a Person Sit Up and Take Notice – Part V

Time How many “times” have you heard that TIME is a valuable commodity? Time is of the essence You can’t make up for lost time The clock is ticking Time is money So much to do, and so little time … Continue reading

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A Cancer Diagnosis Will Make You Sit Up and Take Notice

“It doesn’t look good man” was his answer. I had just asked the surgeon for a prognosis. He referred me to an Oncologist. After seeing her, she said to me, “You probably have a year, maybe 18 months. It’s hard … Continue reading

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The ZEN of Second Chances

A mistake can be a small thing. Or it can be a devastating thing. One that can change your life in an instant. The thing is, many times we don’t see the mistake coming until it is too late. Then … Continue reading

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