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Why You Never Seem to Have Enough Time

There’s never enough time in the day. I can’t ever do all the things I need to do… A Simple Leadership Lesson: HOGWASH! There are so many things wrong with that quote. Let’s review some simple and basic facts: Basic Facts: There are precisely 24 … Continue reading

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Some Things, They Just Change You and You NEVER Forget

https://unsplash.com/@hermez777 Some memories are good. Some sad. Many good and sad… We emigrated to the United States from Cuba in 1958. Mother, Grandmother, brother and I. It was a rainy night in Miami. The flight attendant held an umbrella as we … Continue reading

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Perhaps My Story Will Inspire and Keep Other Leaders From Suffering My Fate

My Latest Article in The Ascent on Medium

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Why Perspective Is Actually The Best Weapon In Your Arsenal

A Simple Thought of the Week: The path you are on will not always be a happy one… Contemplation Get used to it. Life is tough. You already know this. One day, it’s sunny and bright. The next day, the wind is … Continue reading

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