How to Become Foolishly Foolish in One Easy Step…

Who listens to fools? Fools do…

Your Simple Leadership Lesson:

Beware of listening to fools and doing what fools do, for you will quickly join them in their foolishness. The fastest way to foolishness and folly is to listen to and do what foolish people tell you to do.


Let’s face it, people love to give advice. Usually, the advice is generic, not at all applicable to your specific problem, self serving (they want something from you) or just plain worthless.

Sometimes, the advice is what worked for them. But it probably won’t work for you. I mean, I can hand you my eyeglasses and say, “Here. Try these. They work for me.”


Call to Action

Observe and vet those that you might think to follow and listen to. Are they consistent in their walk and talk? If they have failed, have they learned from their failures? Do they have experience and skill? Or is what they say just crap that comes out of their head and mouth?

Most important of all:

  • Do they have Integrity?
  • Are they Accountable?
  • Do they exhibit Humility?

When they answer is yes to all 3, listen to those. Follow those…

This is a Simple Leadership Lesson.

I help Leaders bring some order to a complicated and chaotic world.

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About Enrique Fiallo

I am a Speaker and Writer, specializing in Business Ethics and Persevering Through Trials. I inspire people to succeed in a complicated world, speaking and writing about ethics, leadership, self improvement and personal development...
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