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Want Spectacular Leadership Success? Here Are 9 Areas That Will Get In Your Way

If you are going to Lead, you’d better have a grasp of the issues, a soft hand, and a steel resolve… I recently surveyed a group of senior Leaders. These people are or were successful executives of their respective organizations. Companies … Continue reading

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This is Why Every Christmas is Joyous and Precious

I can’t count my blessings. I can’t count that high… I’m sitting on the front porch of my stepson’s house at The Hammocks in Miami. It’s early on Christmas morning and the neighborhood is quiet. So is the house. No one … Continue reading

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Here Are 5 Surefire Ways to Find Valuable Advice

“Be a selective listener. Listen to the voices of value that have experience, ideas, reputation; something valuable to share” ~ Jim Rohn I’ve come to use Jim Rohn’s great expression, “Voices of Value” a lot over the last 10 years after … Continue reading

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