How to Get Your Posts to Go Viral

Mikhail Vasilyev@miklevasilyev

A picture of a kitten is guaranteed to get views. Right?

Night before last I poured my soul into an article. Hours. Left my heart bleeding on the keyboard. I posted it yesterday morning.

It’s this one HERE. About how my battle with Cancer had a silver lining. Taught me how to keep life in perspective.

The worst performing article I have ever written. By a country mile. 7 views. 3 reads. No claps. Bombed. Crashed. Burned. Zilch. Zippo. Zero. Nada.

Superficiality — 2,347, Enrique — 0

What I have come to conclude is this:

Many readers just don’t want to waste time with serious topics. They’d rather read the superficial click bait crap that some writers consistently put out.

  • How To Dramatically Change Your Life in 3 Days
  • The 17 Things Successful and Beautiful People Do Before 8 Every Morning
  • How a Cold Shower Every Morning Made Me Insanely Successful
  • How to Break Up and Reconnect With Your Girl in the Same Conversation
  • 63 Books That Will Make You a Better Person
  • How a Pair of Purple Mittens Changed My Sordid Life
  • My Incredibly Simple Guide to Being Cool
  • Why I’m Not a Loser and You Are
  • 43 Steps to Gaining 178,659 Followers in 2 Weeks
  • My Secret to Writing Successful Blog Posts — Jalapeño Smoothies

Don’t get me wrong. I sincerely appreciate the people who read and appreciate what I write. I do. treasure and am grateful for my followers and readers. follow many of them back because they too are serious writers.

I so appreciate the comments as well. Touch my heart. I’ve had comments that brought me to tears. Tender. From the heart. Humbled me. A comment from a reader battling mental illness dropped me to my knees once.

I don’t focus on the claps. I really don’t. They are nice but to me they are whipped cream and a cherry on an already delicious Sundae of people who read and comment on what I write.

But it does seem like its superficiality that many want and crave and reward.

Its not about trying to be popular by writing superficial shit. It’s about writing meaningful stuff you can be proud of.

But you know what? Too bad. Tough toenails. Who gives a flying crapola?

I’m not capitulating. Not giving in or selling out. Sticking to my heart and soul. Staying with the people who read what I write. My tribe. Offering them ideas, thoughts, experiences and ordeals I’ve been through and learned from.

It’s what I was meant to do. Why I’m here. Who I am.

No kittens. No click bait. No bullshit superficial topics.

I love those Sundaes. Even without the whipped cream and cherry.

“People care much more for how things look than how things are.”
― Donna Lynn Hope

Some people. Thankfully, not mine…

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