What To Do When You Wake Up and Everything Just Sucks

I awoke today and thought — yech…

“Some days you get up and you already know that things aren’t going to go well. They’re the type of days when you should just give in, put your pajamas back on, make some hot chocolate and read comic books in bed with the covers up until the world looks more encouraging. Of course, they never let you do that.”
― Bill Watterson

I would have said it out loud but didn’t want to wake my wife.

It wasn’t just that I was sick with the flu going on five days. Something just didn’t feel right. I was off my game. In the wrong gear.

But like a good boy, I struggled into the kitchen, poured myself a shot of Mucinex, made a cup of Nespresso, faithfully trudged into my writing cave, sat down and began to pound away at the keyboard.

Enormous mistake.

Everything I typed was crap.

“Some days are just born bad. You know the type. The kind you want to sweep into your palm like spilled salt and toss over your left shoulder, hoping that if you don’t look back nothing worse will happen.”
― Marie Rutkoski

So I started catching up on and reading blogs.

Another enormous mistake.

I know some of you are going to hate me for this but I just have to say that a good chunk of the stuff people write is nothing short of garbage. I’m not a snob, nor am I an elitist. Just trying to keep it real.

I recognize that my writing is not many people’s cup of tea, but I gots ta tell ya — some of the stuff I read that people are writing? It sucks. So that was not going to be a solution to my funkiness either. Maybe my mood? Maybe not.

I’ve written before on having bad days and what to do about them. I dusted off one of those posts from just two weeks ago and re-read it. Find it HERE.

I didn’t even feel like following any of that advice. I wasn’t being hypocritical. That’s not me. I tried. It just wasn’t going to work.

“There are good days and there are bad days, and this is one of them.”
― Lawrence Welk

So I figured something else out. Had to. So here’s what I did.

  • Resisted the urge to get up and go back to bed
  • Drained the coffee and made a second cup
  • Sat down and meditated for some time (lost track of how long which is a good thing)
  • Recalled the prize — my book. Keep your eye on the prize!
  • Remembered why I am here — to help others
  • Read through my list of writing ideas and picked one that engaged me
  • Drafted a few titles and “analyzed” them
  • Looked for a picture that fit
  • Researched some quotes on the topic
  • Outlined the article
  • Put it aside. No writing
  • Opened up Scrivener
  • Read the draft of my book
  • And then began to pound away at it

Before I knew it, I had settled into a rhythm. I was back in gear. On my game.

And when I was “book” exhausted, I picked up the article again, pounded away at that, and finished it.

I thought to myself — Yay!

I’m not claiming this to be a magic formula. Not at all. The point is I reoriented myself in some manner. Along the lines of my passion — writing. And that snapped me out of the mood.

“Every day is not going to be unicorns and rainbows, and that’s OK. There will be days when you don’t fart sunshine, when things don’t go as planned. Some days may feel like 2 steps forward and 5 steps back. It is OK. It doesn’t define you…Be a friend to yourself.”
― Akiroq Brost

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About Enrique Fiallo

I am a Speaker and Writer, specializing in Business Ethics and Persevering Through Trials. I inspire people to succeed in a complicated world, speaking and writing about ethics, leadership, self improvement and personal development...
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