Why We Have To Do Something When We Observe a War of Words

Two of my Face Book “friends” got into a war of words on one of my posts.

This went on for several days while I read and agonized.

I seriously considered taking down the post. But I must admit that the combination of a desire and propensity to encourage free expression, and the quandry with just what to do about it, paralyzed me.

So I just watched as they went back and forth, not with constructive debate, but with a torrent and flurry of words that quickly escalated into name calling and insults.

Horrible. Ugly. Childish. Base. I could go on, but you probably get my point.

What was the original topic of my post? You might guess: Trump. #45.

No. Actually, it was a screenshot of Sarah Elizabeth Huckabee Sanders, with my caption of “She should watch some playback of herself and see how she comes across…”

My posts across Face Book, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Instagram (I use Buffer and simultaneously post the content to all of my accounts) usually feature inspirational quotes from others, or my own self-styled statements meant to inspire and help motivate the audiences I reach.

But once in a while, I spot something that causes me to “share” something that I think is funny, witty, interesting, or offers an opportunity for my sarcastic nature to emerge (I’m always on guard to make sure I don’t get carried away, because, 1) I can, and 2) I have in the past).

This was one of those sarcastic times. I was attempting to be witty and cute. I just thought, surely the WH Press Secretary must not watch herself and her facial expressions or practice in front of a mirror, because what she says and how she says it at times gets a bit bizarre.

So after watching her say something I thought was “bizarre”, I grabbed a screenshot and posted my comment.

Wham. A firefight broke out.

So I am writing about this now, but still struggling about what to do. Not necessarily about this episode, but more importantly, going forward.

As I think about it, I see the following alternatives:

  • Quit posting anything other than inspiration and motivation (except maybe puppies, kittens, kids and recipes…)
  • Watch postings carefully and at the first sign of a skirmish take down the post
  • Monitor and moderate my posts and referee the discussions so they remain respectful and civil
  • Unfriend the “flamers”
  • Don’t post anything at all on FB, just be a silent observer
  • Get off FB entirely – close my account

I might do one or more of these, or something else. Or maybe one of my valued and trusted friends will suggest a wiser approach.

What do you think?

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About Enrique Fiallo

I am a Life Coach, Author, and Blogger. I inspire people to succeed in a complicated world, and write about leadership, self improvement and personal development...
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