Why You MUST Persevere

I’m paralyzed.

I’m numb.

I don’t care.

I am absolutely drained.

I cannot muster the energy to think about what I should do, need to do, must do.

In fact, I was barely able to open my blog editor, and start typing these seemingly  meaningless words.

And it’s only 6:30 AM. on a rainy Wednesday morning in Miami…

And here I sit, in the dark, silent, empty office after the 10 mile commute, feeling quite sorry for myself.

I won’t bore you with all the reasons I feel the way I do. I am sure you have your own worries, concerns, fears, issues. World events, personal problems, illnesses, aches, pains – they are as impacting and affect you just as much as they do me. Your list is as good, or as bad as mine. Perhaps worse.

But as I sit here marinating and stewing in this virtual broth of pity and pain, I slowly come to a conclusion. This day can continue to suck. If I allow it. Or I can begin to change it. At first in my mind, then my soul and finally, in every fiber of my slowly awakening body.

After all, I survived dark days full of lawyers, judges and prosecution. I lived through a prison sentence. I had it all, and lost it all. I reclaimed my dignity. I met my demons head on. I faced the fact that I was flawed, imperfect, and needed to change. I beat cancer. I am a SURVIVOR!

I’m not paralyzed. I feel. I care about life, and my fellow world citizens. I am absolutely energized. I have found the energy to not only function, but to excel, and to do great things.

Sitting here at the keyboard, in this still, silent, soothing, office, pounding away at my blog, keystroke by keystroke, I have figured out the way forward. I have persevered!

What say you, fellow world citizen? Can I help lift you out of your personal funk? Talk to me. Comments are welcome, below. Or email me at henry@fiallo.com.

Visit my web site, www.fiallo.com HERE, connect with me on Twitter HERE, on LinkedIn HERE and on Facebook HERE.

About Enrique Fiallo

I am a Speaker and Writer, specializing in Business Ethics and Persevering Through Trials. I inspire people to succeed in a complicated world, speaking and writing about ethics, leadership, self improvement and personal development...
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4 Responses to Why You MUST Persevere

  1. Cynthia Bush says:

    I’m very happy you finally took responsibility for yourself.
    As a Physician and a person diagnosed over 4 years ago, I’m pleased you are doing well.
    We’re very different in that I rushed immediately for treatment at the first sign of a breast lump.
    Had 4 surgeries in 5 months, but using my background in many fields, I made a risk/benefit decision not to take regular Chemo (I don’t recommend this for lay people.)
    I’ve been on a once-a-day Estrogen receptor blocker pill since my Surgeries.
    Living Life as oblivious to cancer as I can without ignoring any pertinent signs or symptoms which require further investigation.
    Everything I know leads me to believe that our cancers don’t go away, but remain sequestered in an unknown place.
    This should be a call for vigilance, not fear.
    I wish you the best: live every moment with Joy.
    Cynthia Bush MD

  2. Rod Pinder says:

    Thank you, Henry. Proud of you, my friend. I look forward to reading more.

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