What You Get Is What You Give

They say you get what you pay for.

In relationships, it seems you get out of them, what you put in to them. Who will stay with someone, and give of themselves, if they don’t see anything coming back? Relationship is supposed to be mutually beneficial.

A friendship requires investment of time and effort for it to bear meaningful fruit. Casual friendship is one thing, a truly committed friendship requires, well, true commitment. Friendship is supposed to be mutually beneficial.

In a career, eventually, success will depend on your effort, the sweat of your brow, the brain power you bring to and develop on the job. A Career is supposed to be mutually beneficial.

Who is in control? You are.

You see, you DO get what you pay for…

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About Enrique Fiallo

I am a Life Coach, Author, and Blogger. I inspire people to succeed in a complicated world, and write about leadership, self improvement and personal development...
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