A Cancer Diagnosis Will Make You Sit Up and Take Notice – Part II


Beating This

Feeling like you can beat whatever has knocked you down, whatever has brought you to your knees, is a good state of mind to be in. You need positivity.

But it’s not enough.

Positivity is a thought. It’s good thinking. It’s a mental and emotional state. Now you need to follow through with actions. Actions are what will conquer the demon that has a hold of you.

I’m not going to recommend what actions you should take, to battle and win against your specific monster, be it Cancer, Addiction, an Abusive Spouse, or other illnesses, conditions or life threatening issues. That is way too personal. The required and specific actions are yours and yours alone to determine and take.

Besides, I am not an expert in many of these fields. But, there ARE many experts out there, that have addressed your particular issue(s), and have a lot of experience helping others battle and win against their particular monster.

Seek them out. I am living proof, as are many others, that you can indeed BEAT THIS!

You can read my blog HERE, connect on Twitter HERE, LinkedIn HERE and Facebook HERE. You can send me an email HERE.

About Enrique Fiallo

I am a Life Coach, Author, and Blogger. I inspire people to succeed in a complicated world, and write about leadership, self improvement and personal development...
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