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Allow Me to Inspire Your Next Event

Allow Me to Inspire Your Next EventAllow Me to Inspire Your Next EventAllow Me to Inspire Your Next Event

Enrique Fiallo Speaking

Presentation to the Rotary Club of Dadeland, Miami

Presentation - College of Business and Technology


Unique Experience

A former CEO with 45+ years in the business world. Enrique Fiallo has made it his life's mission to inspire people to achieve success in an ethical manner.

Ethical Decisions Need Not Be Complicated

Ethics for Today's Complicated World


Have you ever made a decision that you regretted later? One that violated ethics, or compromised your values? Perhaps it even got you in some legal trouble?

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Ethical Decisions


Staying Out of Trouble

I believe that people get into ethical dilemmas because they don’t define the problem and their potential choices in strict black and white terms. They stray into loosely defined and perilous "gray areas". And that’s what gets them into trouble. 

Ethical Decision Making

I have created a set of speaking, training and coaching programs that teach people how to define their choices in clear and black and white terms. As a result, when evaluating choices and making the ultimate decision, murky and perilous gray areas can be avoided that can cause ethical dilemmas. 

Why I can Make a Difference for Your Audience

I am an ex CEO, with over 45 years in the business world. I took a tech company public and rang the bell on the New York Stock Exchange. Our company grew to over half a billion dollars in revenue, operating in over 25 countries, with over 2,000 employees. Soon after this success, we encountered difficulties meeting our goals and Wall Street expectations, and I made critical mistakes. Ethical mistakes. 

Acknowledging and holding myself accountable for these mistakes, I plead guilty to a white collar crime and was sentenced to 48 months in a Federal Penitentiary.

I spent much time analyzing the mistakes I made and the flawed decision making process that led to my bad choices. During this time, I was also able to interview many fellow inmates about their choices and mistakes. Executives, Attorneys, Doctors, Businessmen, Politicians, as well as hardened criminals - and I discovered  common themes.

They all wandered in and out of gray areas until they made an irreversible mistake and landed in jail. 

I am uniquely qualified to speak on this topic and offer the perspective of a person who made it big, reached the top, crashed and burned, and was then able to get back on the right ethical path.

I'd like to share my story and findings with you and your audience.  

You won't be disappointed. My message has resonated with every audience I have presented to.

Please continue to read about my topic and talks.

Let's Make Your Next Conference or Meeting the Best Ever!



Keynote Speech

  • The Ethical Choice

Alternate Speeches

  • Eliminating Gray Areas in Your Decisions  
  • The Trusted Leader
  • Ethical Sales Practices 

Workshops and Seminars (Examples)

  • 10 Leadership Mistakes That Lead to Trouble
  • Sources of Value – How to Find Ethical People You Can Trust
  • Establishing Integrity in the Workplace
  • Establishing Core Values for Ethical Behavior
  • Short Cuts – The Road to Ethical Violations

Individualized Coaching

  • Working one on one with Leaders to define and implement a complete Ethics Program and Ethical Decision Making Framework 


 “Every organization has to educate its employees on ethics and codes of conduct. Telling people what to do through traditional training gets stale – we asked Enrique to share his experiences.  Enrique delivers a very powerful message in a simple story format that is guaranteed to engage the audience.  600 employees listened intently for 20 minutes, and came away talking about the real world, and a real person, and the real consequences of his actions.  This is a story that should be told, and kudos to Enrique for having the humility to share his rise and fall in the corporate world, when most would rather avoid the embarrassment of confronting their mistakes.” ~ Ed Raine, VP WW Human Resources, Avid

“Thank you for speaking at our luncheon, your story is an inspirational but cautionary tale which we really enjoyed. I thought the talk went very well, the topic was right on point and your skills as a speaker were exceptional.  As you mentioned, the audience was very engaged. I even noticed several people taking notes, which is something I've never seen before!” ~ Mead McCabe, Jr., Program Director, Rotary Club of Coral Gables

"Enrique has a natural and infectious way of engaging with his audience. He prepares well and speaks with a confidence that can inspire an audience. He can "feel" the needs of his audience and focus his thoughts accordingly to make a most rewarding experience for them." ~ Ernie Riddle, CEO, EnablePath  

“Informative, engaging and spontaneous.  Thought provoking sparked by insight that can only come from someone who has been there.  Leadership, ethics, visioning, strategy and believing in the person as the power to excel in business and family life are his trademarks.  Enrique  Fiallo openly shares his framework for success, what has worked, what has not – lessons from the heart, spirit and intellect that guide you through the hallways and executive corridors of corporate America – what to seek, avoid, be on the lookout for and to enjoy.  A wise person worth spending time with, mandatory if you want to succeed in business or family life. ~ William E. Davis, Former Executive, American Airlines, Bank of America 

“While presenting, Enrique finds eloquent ways to relate his broad business  experiences in a practical and useful manner. This, along with an engaging personality, creates an enriched learning environment that also reflects a talent for being well prepared, yet nimble.” ~ Gino Butto, Assistant Superintendent and CIO, Brevard County Schools


“Again, you were an amazing speaker.  I looked around the room on Monday morning and felt that everyone in the room also enjoyed your very sincere talk.  In my 18 years of being a Rotarian I can tell you that you are up there as the best speaker ever! ~  Maria Kesti, Rotary Club of Perrine


“Rather than wax on about what am amazing job you did and how impactful your honesty was, I am simply going to quote one young man from my class, David Hudson, when  asked how the class liked you talk: “Enrique’s the man” and the rest of the class quickly agreed. ~ Beth C. Richardson, JD,  Associate Professor of Business Administration, St. Joseph's College of Maine

About Enrique

A Dramatic Rise, Disastrous Fall and Rebirth

Enrique Fiallo personally experienced and survived a dramatic personal ethical setback. 

After becoming CEO of a NYSE-listed company that he took public, Enrique made a series of tragic mistakes and was subsequently sentenced to 48 months in a Federal Penitentiary for a white collar crime. He emerged from this ordeal with a perspective and formula for survival that he now shares with audiences to help them understand how to navigate ethical waters and to avoid a similar fate. 

Enrique encourages and inspires people to transform their lives. He has dedicated himself full time to bring his message of Ethical behavior to people and conferences around the world. Whether as a keynote speaker or a workshop leader, Enrique breaks through the boundaries that are limiting individuals  and  teams and gets them ready to shape the future. Let Enrique Fiallo help you move from the world of yesterday's regrets to the world of tomorrow's victories.

What Enrique Will Do For You

As a speaker and innovator, Enrique will bring new life and connection to your next event. Contact Enrique to design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.

A most favorite topic for a keynote and set of workshops, by Enrique  is a talk titled  "The Ethical Choice" 

This talk focuses on making ethical choices by defining the  alternatives in black and white terms. This results in a totally different decision making framework for individuals and teams, allowing them to clearly and easily make sound ethical decisions, without the "gray area" temptations that quite often get people into trouble.


The Ethical Choice: How Great Leaders Make Decisions Differently

This talk emphasizes making ethical decisions using a simple framework.


Do you know how people in leadership positions are faced with tough choices every day? 

Well, I believe that the problems come when they consider the gray areas of a decision. 

But the real way to make easy ethical decisions that build integrity and trust is to keep all potential choices strictly Black and White.


The solution is to define choices in clear and black and white terms, to enable faster decisions, have more peace of mind, and build more trust, instead of taking the easier path that leads to lawsuits and PR nightmares – or in my case, prison.

Beware of Who You Become in Pursuit of Your Dreams

We all dream. We all aspire. We wish to achieve, and to succeed. It's what we are taught at an early age, and how many of us lead our lives.

And there is nothing wrong with that as a way to lead one's life.

Until it becomes all consuming, not matter the cost. 

That's when corners get cut, shortcuts get taken, and gray areas are wandered in and out of with regularity and without regard for the consequences.

This talk focuses on the fact that the end does not justify the means, and that along the journey to achievement and success, you might just be turning into someone you will not like. 

If You Are Going to Be Dumb, You Had Better Be Tough

My father once told me that. I've come to  realize that many fathers have issued the same warning to their children throughout the ages.

But have we listened and internalized that lesson?

Choices and actions have consequences, and if we have not thought through our choices and actions all the way to potentially negative consequences, then we had better be prepared for the tough outcomes that will surely come our way...


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