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14 Leadership Lessons from Fred

Fred DeLuca, co-founder of Subway, passed away this week. Fred was a remarkable man, by any definition of the word remarkable. He was brilliant, witty, quick, passionate, compassionate, kind, considerate, and many other adjectives way too numerous to mention here. … Continue reading

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THE Most Important Reason to Delegate

Most leadership, management, and efficiency experts will tell you that delegation is a good thing. And it is. They will cite many reasons to do it, with the one typically rising to the top being, to be able to leverage yourself more. … Continue reading

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The Way – A Fable About Right and Wrong

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Chapter 2 I looked out at the evening sky, overlooking Central Park. There was a full moon out, and the weather was January crisp. I had chosen to be alone this night, and my half eaten dinner sat on the … Continue reading

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What My Custom-Made Blue Suit Heard and Saw

I had a suit custom made about 13 years ago. “Bespoke” is the way the British say it. Business Blue. “IBM” blue.  I had 2 others made at the same time, beige and gray. But BLUE was THE suit. 2 … Continue reading

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7 Leadership Lessons from Iron Man

Leadership lessons are everywhere, if we would just open our eyes and ears. Sometimes they come from the most unlikely sources. While watching the film Iron Man with my family for the second time, I sat in amazement while the … Continue reading

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Six Issues that Squeeze Core Values

You firmly believe in Core Values. You have a great, well thought out set of them. Some for yourself, for your marriage, your family, your department, and, if you are the leader of an organization, for your entire group. So … Continue reading

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What Jim Rohn Taught Us About Getting Back to Basics

We continually complicate our own lives. We spread ourselves too thin, procrastinate, second-guess ourselves, make mountains out of molehills, ignore important things, pay attention to all the wrong things, fall prey to mindless distractions, listen to the wrong people, and … Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Look in the Mirror

You have blind spots. Just like the cars we drive, you have them. Some of us have HUGE blind spots. Some of us have moderate sized blind spots. And then some are lucky enough to have very small ones. But … Continue reading

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The ZEN of Second Chances

A mistake can be a small thing. Or it can be a devastating thing. One that can change your life in an instant. The thing is, many times we don’t see the mistake coming until it is too late. Then … Continue reading

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Is There a Flock of Canadian Geese in Your Future?

US Air Flight 1549 was on its initial climb out of New York’s LaGuardia Airport on its way to Charlotte, North Carolina when, 3 minutes into the flight, it struck a flock of Canadian Geese, causing a complete loss of … Continue reading

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