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I am an author, lecturer, speaker and blogger. My life experience includes roles as a CEO, CIO, COO, Chief Technologist, Teacher, Product Manager and Scrum Master.

BFOs – Blinding Flashes of the Obvious

Are you getting more than a little frustrated with the quality and value of Blog Posts on the Internet? Then why don’t we agree to do this: When you run across one of these posts, full of grammatical errors, too … Continue reading

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Walking the Talk – Are you “Followable”?

It is sometimes easy for Leaders to forget or overlook the impact they have on their followers. In my experience, leaders cannot choose to lead people. It does not work that way. People choose to follow people who have exhibited … Continue reading

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3 Lessons Dad Taught Me

My Dad is 90 years old. A crusty, proud, and feisty Cuban gentleman. He is all that and more. Mom died a couple of years ago, and Dad has never been the same. I think he actually thought he and … Continue reading

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3 Lessons Learned from a Random Act of Kindness

It was Saturday morning, about 10 AM. I had just run several errands, and had stopped at a little hole in the wall cafeteria in Hialeah, near the nursing home where my Dad lives. These are restaurants with an open … Continue reading

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I’m Having a Bad Day!

The alarm goes off, and I realize I set it for 7 AM instead of 6 AM. I cut myself shaving. I jump in the shower and after I’m wet, realize there is no shampoo. I stub my toe in … Continue reading

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Change – The A.W.A.R.E. Process

Originally posted on The Way – Purposeful and Deliberate Leadership a blog by henry fiallo:
I have always wondered why it was so hard for me to change. When I say change, I am talking about changing stuff about me.…

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The Daunting Task of My First LinkedIn Publish

When I got the message from Linked In that I was invited to publish content, I quickly and eagerly clicked on the Get Started link, and then… I hate to admit that the appearance of a blank page was quite … Continue reading

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